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  • Mountain Creek Hunting with U8 CF Moto Side by Sides and X8 4X4 bikes. Click image to read more.
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  • Mountain Creek is located near Gympie, Queensland Australia and is approximately 2.5 hours North West of Brisbane. Click image to read more.
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Mountain Creek Game Park has red deer hunting, rusa deer hunting, fallow deer hunting, chital deer hunting, goat hunting, camel hunting, hunting scrub bulls, hunting pigs, deer hunting, bowhunting, shooting, camping, photography, accommodation, Gympie Queensland Australia
Hunting Ground: Mountain Creek is approximately 1000 acres of perfect hunting country that will challenge the hunter and make it a fair chase environment for the animals.

Mountain Creek Game Park, Gympie Queensland Australia - Hunting, Camping, Photography - Red Deer, Rusa Deer, Fallow Deer, Chital Deer, Goats, Buffalo, Camels, Scrub Bulls, Pigs
Hunting Vehicles: We have two U8 CF Moto side by side ATVs and two 4x4 X8 CF Moto bikes. These four machines are all equipped with gun carriers and are in camouflage colours.

Mountain Creek Game Park Gympie Queensland Australia - Red Deer hunting, Rusa Deer hunting, Fallow Deer hunting, Chital Deer hunting, Goat hunting, Buffalo hunting, Camel hunting, Hunting Scrub Bulls, Hunting Pigs, Deer hunting, Shooting, Safaris, Bow Hunting, Camping, Photography, Accommodation, Queensland, Australia
Mountain Creek Game: At Mountain Creek we have gone out of our way to secure the best genetics we can find. This includes males and females, as our plan is to have a self-replacing herd.

Hunting - Camping - Photography - Red Deer - Rusa Deer - Fallow Deer - Chital Deer - Goats - Buffalo - Camels - Scrub Bulls - Pigs
Guided Hunts: From rainforest to open grass fields, Mountain Creek's different habitats will challenge hunters of all levels of marksmanship and stalking abilities. We will tailor your hunting safari adventure to suit your individual requirements.


Mountain Creek Open For Business

Mountain Creek Game Park utilises hunting (harvesting) as another Management Tool


Mountain Creek Secures Top Genetics

The 2016 hunting / photography / Eco tourism season will offer some of Australia’s best Red stags and Fallow Bucks; we have searched high and low to find the best genetics possible.


Mountain Creek utilises CF Moto ATV's and Buggies for guests

Mountain Creek takes delivery of four new CF Moto bikes. Shane Green from Tractor Machinery and Implements (TMI) at Nambour delivered the four bikes.

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