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  • Mountain Creek Game Park close to Queensland's Rainbow Beach and the Sunshine Coast.

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Mountain Creek Game Park utilises hunting (harvesting) as another Management Tool

Mountain Creek Game Park's shareholders set out to create a wilderness heaven for top quality self-sustaining game animals. Therefore, thousands of dollars have been spent in acquiring the best genetics on offer in Australia for different game species. A breeding programme is followed to continually improve herds genetics and health.

More champion male and female game are continuously introduced to improve on bloodlines and desired genetic traits like antler and body size. Some of the best Red Stags in Australia have been harvested over the 2015 Rut season, e.g. 21 points on a head.

As a result of the prime gazing, great genetics and the selective breeding programme on Mountain Creek Game park, the herd numbers have dramatically increased. Hunting (harvesting) is utilised as one of the management tools in order to remain within the game licensing specifications for the different game species and for correct pasture loading.

Every year a limited amount of grass fed game from different species are presented to the market for harvesting. This enable us to maintain optimum herd numbers and to preserve only the prime genetics. Selective hunting (harvesting) ensures optimum population health in all the free roaming game herds.

Guided hunts are preferred as a management tool in most instances of identified game, as hunting in a 'fair chase like environment' minimises stress caused to the wild life.

Hunting a wild animal, oblivious of the human's presence while it grazes in it's natural environment is preferred to live exporting most cases. Hunting avoids the stress associated with mustering, tagging and transportation.

Ethical hunting provides a higher quality product of adrenaline free venison to the market and optimises the 'paddock to plate' experience.



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