• Hunt with the use of U8 CF Moto Side by Side ATVs and two X8 4X4 bikes all equipped with gun carriers. Red Deer Rusa Deer Fallow Deer Chital Deer Goats Buffalo Camels Scrub Bulls Pigs
  • Mountain Creek Hunting - Goats and Deer in a fair chase environment.
  • Mountain Creek Game Park - Guided Deer Hunting, Hunting Safaris in Australia for Buffalo, Deer, Camels, Scrub Bulls, Goats and Pigs.
  • Mountain Creek Australia - Hunt for Buffalo Camels Scrub Bulls Red Deer Rusa Deer Fallow Deer Chital Deer Goats Pigs

The Hunting Ground

Mountain Creek is approximately 1000 acres of perfect hunting country that will challenge the hunter in a fair chase environment. Large mountains create a valleys for meandering creeks to run through. From rainforest to open grass fields, the different habitats will challenge hunters of all levels of stalking abilities and marksmanship. Our guided hunts are tailored to suit hunters according to their skill, experience and fitness. 

Hunting VehiclesDeer Hunting Safaris In Australia for game species Buffalo Deer Camels Scrub Bulls Pigs

The designated 4X4 camouflaged hunting vehicles provided to Mountain Creek's clients are currently two Kawasaki 4x4 Terex performance 4 seater Buggies and two 4X4 bikes (ATV). These four vehicles are equipped with gun racks and winches. Two similarly equiped 4X4 John Deere XUV Gator buggies in forrest green are used by the Ranger/Guide. Three huge camouflaged Ex Army 4x4 Unimog trucks serve as back up to these vehicles and to retrieve harvested game e.g. Water Buffalo Bulls or Scrub "clean skin" cattle.

Only Mountain Creek vehicles are allowed on the property to take safari clients on game drives. The use of above mentioned vehicles as part of the safari adventure is included in the Mountain Creek's day fee.

Mountain Creek Game

Mountain Creek Game Park, Queensland Australia Hunting, Bow Hunting of Red Deer, Rusa Deer, Fallow Deer, Chital Deer, Goats, Buffalo, Camels, Scrub Bulls and PigsA full out effort was launched and thousands of dollars spent to obtain the best genetics available of different game in Australia for Mountain Creek Game Park. This includes male and female animals, because we strive to establish and maintain self-replacing herds. Mountain Creek annually harvest some Red, Rusa, Fallow and Chital deer, as well as feral pigs, scrub "clean skin" cattle and Water Buffalo.

Guided Hunts

We belong to the Australian Deer Association who - like us - promotes the principle of conservation of wildlife resources for future generations through sustainable and ethical hunting.  All hunting safaris are guided hunts in a fair chase like environment. This ensures that only identified animals are harvested. The guides will allow you the amount of hunting freedom, based on your experience as observed by the guide.

Trophy Preparation

Mountain Creek Game Park highly values its trophy hunter clients.  We understand the passion and full out effort required to obtain a trophy animal. Therefore, we will try our utmost to make your hunting safari memorable from start to finish. Taxidermy of your trophy animal will preserve these cherished memories to be re-lived many times. The Taxidermist fee is for the cost of the client. MCGP can arrange a taxidermist when requested at time of booking.

Mountain Creek strives to encourage sustainable farming and to lessen its carbon footprint. The trophy hunter can be assured that the harvested trophy animal will be fully utilised by the local community. All venison, bones, etc. that are not used by the hunter, will be processed by Mountain Creek. Bullet damaged meat, as well as bones are provided at no cost to local farmers for their working dogs. The use of the harvested prime venison is encouraged by Mountain Creek. Venison recipe books are distributed to neighbours to encourage and promote organic venison as an excellent "Paddock to Plate" product.  We promote local businesses and encourage our clients to investment into Mountain Creek's surrounding business community, e.g. using local taxidermist services who renders a first class service to our clients.

 Meat Processing Facilities

Mountain Creek Game Park, Queensland Australia Hunting, Bow Hunting of Red Deer, Rusa Deer, Fallow Deer, Chital Deer, Goats, Buffalo, Camels, Scrub Bulls and Pigs

A solar driven cold room equiped with butchering equipment is available for hunters at no extra cost. Hunters must provide their own packaging- and meat processing items like herbs and spices, sausage skins, freezer bags, etc.

A farm butcher can be arranged to do the meat processing for the hunter at Mountain Creek at extra cost to the hunter. The client must request a farm butcher at the time of booking their safari or book it themselves.

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