• Get around Mountain Creek Game park with our U8 CF Moto Side by Side ATV's and X8 4X4 bikes all equipped with gun carriers.
  • Mountain Creek Hunting - red deer, rusa deer, fallow deer, chital deer, goats, camels, pigs, buffalo and scrub bulls.
  • Mountain Creek Homestead Gympie Queensland Australia - Hunting Camping Photography.
  • Mountain Creek has spectacular views for the photographic enthusiast.

About Mountain Creek Game Park

Mountain Creek Game Park is a multi-species game park located in the Sunshine State of Australia. It snugly nestles amongst the mountains of Queensland's South East Region in the heart of wild deer country. The approximately thousand acres of undulating to streep high country will challenge anybody on foot, bicycle, horse or ATV buggy.

Mountain Creek will challenge hunters in a fair chase environment - Hunting Red Deer Rusa Deer Fallow Deer Chital Deer Goats Buffalo Camels Scrub Bulls Pigs

The property is an old volcano and has a large rock formation on one side, which was the core of the volcano. The wild goats'  favourite hiding place is at this large rock formation. The water buffalo in turn opt for the coolness offered by the permanent running creek and the many farm dams.

As the property is frost free and receives an annual rainfall of about 50 inches, the seeded grasses and legumes flourish abundantly in the rich black soils and create the perfect grazing for Mountain Creek Game Park's game animals.

Mountain Creek Game Park is an eco-friendly estate driven entirely by solar power. Rain water is harvested for human consumption. Waste is removed  from the Game Park for recycling. It is envisaged that when electrical buggies' batteries have developed enough to operate in the challenging terrain of the mountainous game park, then the petrol and diesel 4x4 buggy fleet will be replaced. Firewood is harvested from natural fallen trees on the property.

The game park is proud of it's free roaming organic grass fed game. It is a nature- and animal lover's paradise, as well as a heaven for photography or wilderness- and other safari adventures.

You are invited to come and satisfy your appetite for adventure. Or, just to "kick back" and relax in this beautiful animal paradise.

Mountain Creek Game Park, Gympie Queensland Australia - Hunting, Camping, Photography - Deer Hunting Safaris, Red Deer, Rusa Deer, Fallow Deer, Chital Deer, Goats, Buffalo, Camels, Scrub Bulls, Pigs

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