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  • Guided Deer Hunting, Hunting Safaris in Australia for Buffalo, Deer, Camels, Scrub Bulls, Goats and Pigs.
  • Hunt with the use of U8 CF Moto Side by Side ATVs and two X8 4X4 bikes all equipped with gun carriers.


The two new CF moto four wheel bikes and Side by Sides are unbelievableMy wife, our boys and I have been lucky enough to be the first to experience Mountain Creek. We spent 2 days looking around and stalking up on to some very good groups of big billys. We also saw some fantastic Red stags in velvet, which I can’t wait to see once they are fully grown out, not to mention the buffalo.  We stayed in the homestead, where we were very well looked after and enjoyed homemade wood fired pizzas.

The two new CF Moto four wheel bikes and Side by Sides are unbelievable and make you feel really safe driving around even on the steep terrain. I would recommend Mountain Creek to anyone even if you are not a hunter. Mountain Creek is a credit to Michael Read and I feel will help secure hunting for generations to come.

Scott Fitzgerald

A good billy at Mountain Creek Game Park I managed to bag myself a good billy at Mountain Creek Game Park. As part of our day fee we had the use of a U8 CF Moto Side by Side buggy painted in cammo of course. The goats proved challenging to get onto and managed to evade me twice before I got one in a very steep gully and had to use the winch on the bike to help retrieve it. While looking around I saw the best Red stags I have ever seen in half grown velvet. We saw some very good Rusa, some still with hard antler and Fallow stags in new velvet. I saw grey and white buffalo, and I had never seen white buff before. The hospitality that you showed us Michael was great. I feel Mountain Creek is very affordable and is just like hunting in the wild. I will be back early next year to have another look to see these big Red stags grown out as I think they are going to be monsters.

Jake Ryan


IAussie Hunting Adventures TV first heard the possibility of a revolutionary new game park opening up from a number of friends in the industry and thought, what a great idea. Being an Australian concept and an Australian company added a few bonus points. A simple yet effective idea of a game park with a fair chase environment. A short time later, the AHA Crew and I attended the Wild Deer and Hunting Expo in Bendigo, where I was fortunate enough to meet Michael Read, Owner of Mountain Creek Game Park.

I had the pleasure of hunting at Mountain Creek Game Park on a recent filming adventure for Aussie Hunting Adventures TV, where Michael and Kate where the perfect hosts. I was more than impressed with the location and the hard yards they have put in to establish a top shelf game park for the everyday hunter through to trophy hunters, but also cater for campers, photographers and family groups.

It is an ideal concept for new comers to the sport, helping them to gain confidence in stalking and hunting game whilst promoting the humane harvesting of game and trophies. The park is also ideal for hunters that have limited time away from work and family, being located only a few short hours from Brisbane and offers convenient facilities for harvesting and trophy preparation.

As a promoter of our Sporting and Hunting disciplines, it is imperative that we hit the target; that is exactly what Mountain Creek has done here, “Hit the Target”. I am proud to be an ambassador for Mountain Creek Game Park and endorse hunting in this fair chase environment.

Dave Fent

Aussie Hunting Adventures TV


Thomas Palmer - 2 great trophies a 5x6 red stag and a 32inch billyI recommend Mountain creek game park to anyone who enjoys time in the bush, weather it be with a camera, rifle, or bow. Mountain creek offers a great range of game from wild goats, red deer, rusa, camel, pigs, and buffalo. Mountain creek has great accommodation facilities with 2 bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen with a great deck out the front overlooking a green flat and creek.

My time at mountain creek was very enjoyable i had the opportunity to take 2 great trophies a 5x6 red stag and a 32” billy. both hunts where fantastic!

We had been out looking for 2 or 3 hours in the morning and finally we had spotted a good mob of billys on the opposite ridge about 800 yards away, so we got into the camo buggies that where really enjoyable to drive, and crossed back down the creek trying to get in closer, we pulled up down lower on the ridge and made our way to where we thought the goats may be we finally got into position and waited. it wouldn't have been any longer than 15 minutes and we could smell the billy’s before we could see them, they made there way down the ridge and dropped into the gully where i picked out a nice trophy with an immaculate cape, one shot with a 300 magnum and he wasn't going anywhere.

my red hunt was a very similar hunt we had been looking for sign of a stag for a good 2 hours and we spotted him up in the top of a small gulley where he had been bedded down, we made a short stalk in on him and got myself a good rest up against a tree, dad thought there was a koala up the top of it because i had the stag fever up a bit, but a few deep breaths and i let him have it at 200 yards he dropped instantly and i had myself a great 5x6 trophy red stag!
a massive thanks to Michael for the opportunity to take such great animals and wish to be back in the future.

regards. Thomas Palmer


FWild Billy Goats - Mountain Creek Game Parkor my 11th birthday present I got my gun licence, now at 13 yrs I had only ever shot at a gun range. Dad promised that this Easter would be different, we would go hunting. Easter wasn't far away and still Dad hadn't arranged anything, I was sure I wasn't going hunting again. Thanks to Google search and Mountain Creek Game Park all my years of waiting were about to end, a two night hunting trip with my Dad and Uncle.

Mountain Creek is absolutely over the top, everything from the awesome 4x4 buggies, changeling terrain, comfy cabin to watching water buffalo wander pass at night, it felt like I was in Jurassic Park.

Michael is a fantastic guide and as I was a novice to hunting he readily gave advice and tips with occasional tall stories.

Wild Billy Goats are cunning, elusive and hard to find. But we eventually tracked them down. We crept up under the cover of long grass undetected and I spotted a nice size billy standing on a rocky outcrop about 90mtr away. Now came the biggest moment of my life. With my Remington 223 I took my first shot, down he went, my first trophy, and what a way to do it.

My two year wait for my first hunting trip was well worth the wait, that's thanks to Michael, Kate and Mountain Creek Game Park. The only problem being that now my sister, brother, mum and aunty are booking to come to. So much for another boy's weekend away.

If you're after bragging rights on the greatest camping or hunting experience you need to come here.

Ryan Briese 13yrs old

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