• Mountain Creek Game Park - Shooting - Bow Hunting - Photography - Gympie Queensland Australia.
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  • Mountain Creek Game Park close to Queensland's Rainbow Beach and the Sunshine Coast.

Yes, there is still a place where deer and buffalo roam free.

A wilderness where one can breath clean air and experience nature up close.

This magical place where the rainbow touched down is called Mountain Creek Game Park - an area of around 1000 acres of undulating and steep mountain country.  A beautiful creek meanders through different habitats such as a sub-tropical rainforest, Australian bush and open grass flats that provide a sanctuary for the many resident game species that include Water Buffalo and deer species like Red, Rusa, Chital and Fallow Deer.

Come and discover ridges named after the Sun and the Rainbow. Use creek crossings named Zebra, Butterfly, Slippery Slopes and Wagon Wheel when walking, push biking, horse riding or driving ATV buggies.

So what are you waiting for?  Come and discover the Lost Valley and the beautiful secrets it holds!

We invite you to come and make your dreams about wilderness, safari and adventure a reality at Mountain Creek Game Park.

However, beware!

You may never want to leave!

Mountain Creek Game Park, Gympie Queensland Australia - Hunting, Camping, Photography

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