• Mountain Creek Game Park - Shooting - Bow Hunting - Photography - Gympie Queensland Australia.
  • CF MOTO Sponsors of U8 CF Moto Side by Sides and X8 4X4 bikes.
  • Mountain Creek Game Park close to Queensland's Rainbow Beach and the Sunshine Coast.

Mountain Creek utilises CF Moto ATV's and Buggies for guests

Mountain Creek takes delivery of four new CF Moto bikes. Shane Green from Tractor Machinery and Implements (TMI) at Nambour delivered the four bikes.

Tractor Machinery and Implements (TMI) at Nambour delivered the four bikes. We selected the CF Moto bikes after testing all the brands that had what we were looking for in a bike. Engine braking and safety were most important to us because of some of the steep terrain we have. The CF Moto bikes perform very well and are great value for money. We found TMI very good to deal with, which is important to us to have good back up service when needed.

We selected 800cc U8 Side by Sides, which carry two people and are a great way to get where you need to go and allow great vision.
The U8's also have a tip tray which is perfect to retrieve your trophy or just to carry gear. Both the U8’s are set up with two gun boots each so your rifles are safe and protected.

We also selected 800cc Quads for comfort and performance for one or two people. These bikes are set up with storage boxes and a gun carrier on the front.

All the bikes have winches and diff locks for hard to get to places. I would recommend these to anyone looking for the ultimate hunting or recreational vehicle. To learn more about the CF Moto range click on the following link.

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