• Mountain Creek Game Park - Shooting - Bow Hunting - Photography - Gympie Queensland Australia.
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  • Mountain Creek Game Park close to Queensland's Rainbow Beach and the Sunshine Coast.

Mountain Creek Secures Top Genetics

The 2016 hunting / photography / Eco tourism season will offer some of Australia’s best Red stags and Fallow Bucks; we have searched high and low to find the best genetics possible.

Mountain Creek will challenge hunters in a fair chase environment - Hunting red deer, rusa deer, fallow deer, chital deer, goats, camels, pigs, buffalo and scrub bullsWe have been able to secure some of the only purebred Hungarian Fallow stags left in Australia. We also have excellent Rusa and good Chital available. Other animals you will find at Mountain Creek are goats, camels, pigs, buffalo and scrub bulls.

The great thing about Mountain Creek is that it will challenge hunters of different experience and capabilities in a fair chase like environment.

Only one party is catered for at a time with party size varying from 1 to 10 persons. This enable us to cater for every need and maximises your safari at the game park. Numerous trail cameras are utilised to monitor game and human movements on the game park. This helps to ensure a safe environment as well as being a quality control system for herd genetics and game's health.

All hunters's marksmanship and licensing are validated before embarking on a Safari. The property has a designated area where firearm skills are honed (safety drills) and rifles sighted before the start of all Safari adventures. The sighting range offers 50m, 100m, 150m, and 200m paper targets. Mountain Creek Game Park uses a top quality Swarovski spotting scope and Swarovski range finder binoculars.

Many clients prefer to visit only for sighting in their rifles and then to participate in game drives afterwards, followed by warm camp fires at night to catch up with friends and to strengthen family bonds. Many father-and-son, husband-and-wife clients first visit was a "paper target hunt" followed later with participation in a fair chase harvesting hunt for their next visits. Due to the plentiful game and abundant opportunities for hunters of different skill and experience levels, most of our guests are returning visitors.

All hunts at Mountain Creek Game Park are guided hunts.

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